Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays can expose hidden dental decay; reveal an abscess, show impacted or extra teeth; and help determine the condition of fillings, crowns, bridges and root canals. At Holdrege Family Dental, we use digital X-rays, which offer numerous advantages, including an 70% reduction in radiation, no need for film or processing chemicals, and production of a nearly instantaneously image. In addition, the time and trouble involved for the patient is also dramatically reduced.

Because digital X-rays are computer controlled, they can easily be enlarged and manipulated, allowing dentists new and better ways to see details that might have been missed. The same images can be shown to patients right in the dental chair, allowing them to more easily understand a treatment recommendation because they get a good look at the problem blown up onscreen.

We also utilize a panoramic dental X-ray, which allows us to complete a full-mouth view of the teeth in a single image.